The Renaissance DJ Workshop

The RDJ experience provides students with a fascinating exploration of the history and evolution of technology, with a particular focus on the transformative power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and coding. This interactive DJ workshop also offers an in-depth look at the science behind the ground-breaking technologies that shape students’ daily lives. This is an opportunity to touch and feel the historical artifacts that have evolved over the past 150 years into some of the most important technology used today. The RDJ is a literal mobile museum brought to the school. In addition to developing essential scientific skills and making personal connections through the Numeracy with a Spin workshop, students will learn key concepts in STEM including financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship, computer studies, and physics.

75 minutes

Curriculum Covered

  • Science (Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration)
  • Computer Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Entrepreneurship

We want to work with you to tailor this experience to your class. For more information of specific curriculum expectations we can cover by strand, please reach out to us!