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Math Thru Music is on a mission to excite, educate and empower students to gain a greater understanding of numeracy, entrepreneurship, coding, physics and social justice using the art of DJ’ing.

Our programs and shows are designed to easily dovetail into any schedule that bring potentially boring concepts to life while giving educators more tools to fortify lessons.

The Mighty Remix

Our Mighty Remix show is about resilience through music. Spotlighting the birth and progression of Caribbean culture, we encapsulate how enslaved and exploited people of West Africa and South and East Asia, mixed their rhythms together in defiance of their colonizers.
Caribbean genres such as Calypso, Chutney, Kaiso, Bomba, Reggae and Hip-Hop represent roots and resistance. See how this music was created by people separated by geography, languages, customs, and traditions who did not concede to abuse and restraint but instead, turned their suffering into a celebration of who they are and how far they have come — as one.

We are happy to announce that The Mighty Remix is SOLD OUT!

Lester B. Pearson Brampton

February 1st, 2023

Thank you to all the schools that came out to the Renaissance DJ show on December 8th 2022! Check out our Instagram @MathThruMusic to keep up with our shows in the coming year.

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