About Us


To excite, educate and empower students to gain a greater understanding of numeracy using music.

Numeracy with a Spin – Teaching students the daily relevance of numeracy in their lives through hands-on musical learning.

The Math Thru Music (MTM) DJ program combines numeracy with DJing to create the ultimate fun learning experience for all ages. No matter the choice of music, math plays a huge part and the MTM program connects the dots. DJ’s perform under immense pressure and some of that can be relieved through understanding basic mathematics. Our program helps students learn the craft of Djing while strongly building and developing numeracy skills. The creativity in a DJ is determined by their confidence, technique and math skills….


Our program wouldn’t be possible without Hip-Hop culture, which DJing was birthed as one of the four elements. The elements of Hip-Hop came together in the Bronx – New York City. It was the early 1970s and times were tougher than usual for the poorer parts of urban America. From a whole lot of nothing—and a whole lot of imagination—Hip-Hop took form.

Through decades of suffering, this art form blended and transcended to become a means for seeing, celebrating, experiencing, understanding, confronting, and commenting on life as a person of colour in the world. Hip-Hop, in other words, is a way of living—a culture.

There are four elements into Hip-Hop culture; they include:

DJing — The artistic handling of beats and music

MCing, aka Rapping — Putting spoken-word poetry to a beat

Break Dancing—Hip-Hop’s dance form

Graffiti — The painting of highly stylized graffiti

DJ Kool Herc is credited with throwing the switch at an August 1973 dance bash. He spun the same record on twin turntables, toggling between them to isolate and extend percussion breaks—the most danceable sections of a song. It was a technique that filled the floor with dancers who had spent days and weeks polishing their moves.

DJ’s are the soul behind the beat that pleases, surprises, and puts people on the dance floor. The best DJs have an almost mystical sense of mood at a party or club. They sense the right moment to cue the right song in their headphones, using the right technique to take the party where it’s ready to go. It is that insight, a passionate knowledge of music, and technical know-how that make DJing one of the pillars of Hip-Hop culture.

DJ’s see into the future and use the headphones as the time machine to bring everyone on a musical journey. We’re proud to represent Black heritage.


No calculators allowed! Every song ever made has a BPM (Beats Per Minute), which determines the pitch and genre of the song. Using various formulas, students are taught to exercise their problem-solving skills to mix similar or different genres of music. MTM encourages curiosity and creativity while learning to understand mathematics.