At Math Thru Music, we value creativity, confidence, curiosity, collaboration and connection. We are committed to the fullest possible development of each learner, with the aim of preparing them to live creatively, morally, and productively. We believe in providing young people with the learning and tools they need to develop in a structured and sequential manner, becoming responsible and engaged members of their communities. Additionally, we recognize the importance of assisting students in adapting to meet the challenges they will face, promoting resilience and coping skills that contribute to overall wellness and well-being. Each team member deeply believes that education is not simply a means to an end, but a lifelong pursuit of personal and social growth.

Inquiry Based Learning

At the heart of education lies the innate curiosity of the learner. By placing the responsibility for learning on the students, inquiry-based teaching encourages them to arrive at their own understanding of concepts. This approach offers numerous benefits, including the preparation of the brain for learning through intellectual stimulation and the development of crucial cognitive skills such as comprehension, critical thinking, and communication. Through inquiry-based learning, students can create connections between the real world and what they are learning, deepening their understanding of topics and content. By encouraging open-ended questions and promoting individual learning processes, students are placed at the centre of the educational experience, leading to increased engagement and the ability to reach entire cohorts through differentiated instruction strategies. In addition, this approach infuses fun and engagement by allowing students to explore questions and topics on their own, such as when they are given the opportunity to think about what everything does when using our provided technology, soldering hardware, considering social justice movements and more.

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning is a critical process that helps individuals of all ages develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve personal and collective goals, build healthy identities, manage emotions, establish supportive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Mental health plays a crucial role in this process, as the majority of mental health issues begin in childhood and adolescence. To help our young people support positive mental health throughout their lives, it’s essential to embed social emotional learning in our experiences. Our programs prioritize social emotional learning by incorporating it into every component, helping students develop critical soft skills and promoting positive behaviour.