The Renaissance DJ

5920 registrations! Thank you to the thousands of students and teachers who joined us on this virtual occasion. Our vision for the show was made possible by the phenomenal staff at the Rose Theatre – Thank you.

Together, we created an unforgettable experience for youth and found ways to connect beyond the screen. We look forward to an in-person performance with our giant history lesson on music and the art of DJ’ing.

For Teachers – Educational Resources


A dive into the entrepreneurs like Thomas Edison who developed the Phonograph which led others like Alexander Graham Bell to create the Telephone and, Emile Berliner who found himself in the mix selling his version of the Gramophone.

Resource: How Thomas Edison’s phonograph became a novelty and an opportunity for another important invention, the gramophone. This new invention would set the stage with wax cylinders which would store sound within its grooves.

Resource: How Emile Berliner’s version of the Gramophone enabled musical recordings to be played off of shellac disc records and, how he sold his patent to Alexander Graham Bell to further fund his passion.


Musical vinyl discs have now replaced shellac discs. Learn how record players work from a technical point of view and what the introduction of electricity did to ameliorate it.

Resource: How the belt drive turntable works with electricity to provide better sound quality.


Hip-hop culture influenced the evolution of DJ’ing and is engrained in our culture today. Learn about the elements of hip-hop and how in the 1970’s, marginalized communities in New York accelerated the technology and skills that DJ’s today continue to use.

Resource: Hip-Hop culture and its elements.

Resource: A pioneer in Hip-Hop.


How the 8-Track and the invention that replaced it — the cassette tape.

Resource: What came first? The 8-Track or the Cassette?

Resource: When did Cassettes replace the 8-Track?

Resource: How does the Cassette Tape work?

(Track 5) LESS IS MORE

How two competing companies came together to develop the Compact Disc (CD) which would then be used by DJ’s as a more efficient way of rocking parties.

Resource: What is a CD (1)

Resource: What is a CD (2)

Resource: How do CD’s work?

(Track 6) SE1 1HE 1ONE

How music went from something people could touch (records, reels and CD’s) to just being able to hear through the MP3.

Resource: About the MP3

Resource: How DJ’s use Digital Vinyl System (DVS) to play unlimited songs on only one record


How DJ equipment manufacturers made an all in one DJ unit which does not always need a computer and USB cable.

Resource: What is a DJ Controller?

Resource: How does a DJ Controller work?

(Track 8) NEXT PHASE

Inventions are always changing, adapting, and replaced. Learn about how the needle on turntables evolved to enable DJ’s to be more creative in their craft.

Resource: About the Phase