The Coding Kit

We partnered up with CircuitMess and are on a mission to inspire innovators of technology – not only consumers of it! With the Jay-D coding kit, you’ll learn how microcomputers and other electronic components are used for sound production. Learn about Digital-to-Analog conversion, how to solder, what sound waves are and how to produce them with computers, and finally – code custom sound and lighting effects. The best part is that you get to assemble it yourself!

Curriculum Covered

  • Matter & Energy
  • Computer Science (Grades 9-12*)

What You’ll Get In The Boxes

Main circuit board – connects all the chips together

Display board – 128*160 TFT color display

Acrylic casing

A bag of other small components – resistors, pushbuttons, nuts and bolts

Two 5W speakers

Custom – made plastic knobs

USB-C cable – for charging and programming the device

4GB Micro SD card – royalty-free beats preloaded

An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption

Soldering iron, 60W of power, replaceable tips

Solder sucker

Phillips Screwdriver

Needle nose pliers

Diagonal cutter pliers

Metal soldering iron stand

Some solder


We want to work with you to tailor this experience to your class. For more information of specific curriculum expectations we can cover by strand, please reach out to us!