The Math Kit

Bring the Math Thru Music experience to your school any time! Our copyrighted curriculum breaks down the relationship between DJ’ing and Math and empowers students to mix creatively. Every MTM kit is self-sufficient and can be used to teach grades 5-9 math curriculum concepts such as ratios algebra, fractions, percentages, multiplication, division and more.

The Math kit is easy-to-use and requires no technical training to set up or operate. All software and curriculum is pre-loaded onto the laptop making it ready to use immediately.

Curriculum Covered

  • Mathematical Modelling (Grades 5-8*)
  • Number Sense
  • Operations

What’s In The Bag?

  1. Pioneer DJ Turntable
  2. Laptop with Laptop Stand
  3. Rekordbox software pre-loaded
  4. BPM Supreme Music Subscription (1 Year)
  5. Two DJ Headphones
  6. Whiteboard with marker & eraser
  7. All additional cords and hardware
  8. 35 lesson curriculum preloaded which cover the following math lessons:
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Integers
    • Decimals
    • Percentages
    • Algebra
    • Ratios

We want to work with you to tailor this experience to your class. For more information of specific curriculum expectations we cover by strand, please reach out to us!

“At EMMS we were trying to find the passion of music that resides in each of our students and we found the ignition button partnering and collaborating with Joseph at Math thru Music this past school year. Some of our most disengaged students toward academics were motivated to come to school to create, develop and experience success in school for the first time. Math thru music became our general music program and one of the most sought after Counting on You sessions at the school. The spring concert was transformed during intermission as our students entertained the audience with dj’ing and mixing music from all around the world. I have seen the glimmer of hope and connectedness that Math thru music brought to some of our most marginalized students and so I highly recommend this program to any diverse school community.” – PRINCIPAL MARIA KALANTZAKOS – Erin Mills MS

“As a teacher it’s inspiring to see students experience real world applications of the math topics we cover in our classroom.  As they play with music combinations they are applying the concepts of estimation, proportional reasoning, percentages, place value and more. The mathematical thinking required to mix music on beat is incredibly rich and MTM provides an entry point into this learning that fosters equity and accessibility for my students.” TEACHER DARLENE FOURNIER – Chinguacousy SS

“Educators have been looking for solutions to get kids excited about math. Look no further than Math Thru Music. Integers, fractions, arithmetic are taught with this powerful new tool. It’s rare to see educators, parents and students all equally excited about an academic program.”

“MTM is changing the way we teach mathematics. By mixing curriculum with music, our students have bought in on a whole new level. Imagine kids begging to do math.”

“It’s amazing how much one program can impact the student body. MTM has transformed the mindset of our students in an innovative way and on a very emotional level. It takes potentially boring subject matter and makes it fun. I highly endorse the program.”