Financial Literacy Assembly

For the last decade, we’ve impacted tens of thousands of students with our programming and products. During this time, we’ve witnessed hundreds go on to pursue their passion for music in various ways. They requested friends and family buy them the necessary equipment for birthdays and special occasions. They sacrificed to make their dream a reality.

Using the music industry as a template, this financial literacy assembly teaches students business concepts that transcend all sectors of commerce. Marketing, budgeting, renting, owning, customer service, corporate governance, and more are all covered in a fun, informative and inspirational way.

Q&A is vital in this assembly as students have a chance to ask specific “How do I…” questions. We teach them how to be profitable in pursuing their dreams. Again, the fundamentals taught in DJPRENEURSHIP can be used in any area of business. It encourages students to go for it and to smartly invest their time and resources to begin their own entrepreneurial journey. Students learn how to properly spend money to make money. This empowering experience energizes students to feel passionate, creative, and ready to go.

60 minutes

Curriculum Covered

  • Financial Literacy
  • Business & Entrepreneurial Concepts (Grades 9-12*)

We want to work with you to tailor this experience to your class. For more information of specific curriculum expectations we can cover within each strand, please reach out to us!