Finale 9 pt.2 (2021)

The 9th annual So You Think You Can DJ Finale (pt.2) was suppose to be our 10th anniversary of finales, but Covid-19 had other plans….We refused to celebrate a decade long tradition virtually, but still decided the show must go on for the awesome participants. We went with part two of the original 9th Finale and held it on the same date as the year before, June 9th. The competition had many surprises and even the judges were selected differently as we invited program alumni’s from the past 8 finales held in-person. Five high schools competed for top DJ Crew, which consisted of two DJs and it was a pleasure to have DJ ADMC for a guest performance.

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DJs – Miwako, Arzy, CboyX2, Rudster, Dmand, Preet, Raptor, Supreme, Shalin Monk & HVP.
Guest Judges – DJ ShayShay, Stryfe, MK, Tallman, Advent, AJP, Skinnzy, Aladdin, Soft Touch & UpBeat.
DJpreneur of the Year – DJ Miwako