With our hands-on experience, see and hear just how we’re showing the relevance of math, entrepreneurship, coding and social justice in the DJ world! Not only for students, but teachers too. Our engaging workshops are sure to spark curiosity and get your school community energized.

Choose your desired workshop;

  • The Renaissance DJ workshop – An in-depth lesson on music from the Phonograph to current technology. We explain how it went from cylinders to vinyl, reels to CDs and MP3s to streams.
  • Numeracy with a Spin workshop – A giant math lesson while DJ’ing while creating those cool remixes! Students will immerse themselves in music as they hear, feel and see how math plays a huge roll in DJ’ing.

Each session runs for 60min and can host up to 26 participants.

Each workshop includes a lesson on how to DJ and we encourage students to bring their own headphones (3.5mm jack), however, backups are available to ensure everyone enjoys. All equipment is routinely sanitized.